Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whatsapp Download Free

Are you fed of using facebook all the time? Do you want to try a cool app to text or call to your friends? Then switch to WhatsApp. It is a mobile application which you can use to send a text message to someone and even you call to friend without wasting your cellphone credit. Also, you can share your photos with your family nad friends. Moreover, you can send a voice message and share a funny video with your friends. Isn't it a cool app? Yes, it is. The day I have switched you WhatsApp, my life is easier and full of fun. I can call to friends anytime and talk long without any concern about credit. You can also do it, but you have to download Whatsapp application on your phone. I know you are thinking about how much it cost, let me tell totally free. If you do not want to use it still then, believe me, you are subtracting a great fun thing from your life.

Apart from this, you can create a group on WhatsApp. I know it will add more fun to your life. You can add as many friends you want in the group and can enjoy chatting, audio messaging and video sharing.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is available in all most all types of phone e.g window, Samsung, sony, Nokia, iPhone and may more. So you just do not worry about what brand you are using because it does not matter at all.

Why should you use WhatsApp?

Simple setup: Let WhatsApp sync with your Contacts so you can take up with people in your area book and change your contacts right in WhatsApp. Certify your country code and phone number, and the application will send you an affirmation code. Enter your name and incorporate a photo, or use your Facebook information to enroll. Each one of your contacts will now appear.

More individual experience: WhatsApp is substantially more tweaked than customary informing. In any case, you get an all the more progressing IM experience, including status messages. The cool thing is that you can type your own status. Pick among 39 talk wallpapers to spruce up your visit page, or select a photograph from Photos. You can see them in thumbnails and a while later find in full-screen size before presenting.

Basic convenience: Call a contact by crushing the composed work or calling gets, or use the synthesis image to impart something particular. The camera get enables you to get or send photos and recordings clearly from the discussion page. Besides, there's no convincing motivation to sign into or out of the application.

A ton of correspondence choices: Press the up jolt, then Photo, and after that tap to get a photograph or hold to record a video. With the latest WhatsApp update, you can give your territory to 3D maps or confer contacts to your diverse contacts. Press the camera catch to take a photograph or the recipient to record a welcome. You can in like manner send and get sound archives - unrealistic with Apple's Messages application.

Broadcast Lists: Send cluster messages with the Broadcast Lists highlight. Make one for your relatives, one for your partners, one for your poker friends, and whatnot.

Money saving: Unlike compositions, WhatsApp messages are free, even to worldwide contacts.

Voice calling: In our tests we found the sound quality on WhatsApp, not any more loathsome than standard voice calling. You can call your overall contacts to no end.
Download WhatsApp for your phone by clicking the given link
WhatsApp Download Free